Nexus Primo 150mg/ml

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Contains EO

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3 reviews for Nexus Primo 150mg/ml

  1. Ray (verified owner)

    Order placed 2 weeks ago, sent several emails and got no reply, over 300gbp out the window. Ordered more then 10 times previously with no issues, this time a huge fail though.

    • admin20

      Where, what emails? What’s the order number?

  2. Dan

    Who ever did that one star review do the right thing and remove it or put 5, u know its your cock up ordering not UK best, I have never had a better service from any website and the gear is flawless so seeingb1 start for their primo is an insult, come on change it.

  3. Dan

    Love it, primo at 150mg, nexus never lets you down. 6 stars

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